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As fabulous as Doug Whyte's photographs are of Dave Thibodeau's Enzo, actually seeing this car in 1:12th scale carbon fiber will take your breath away. Whether you chose to build your Enzo as Pewter Metallic or use our flawless CLEAR Twill Weave template sets, the results will be absolutely stunning.

Our Enzo three fret of REALLY REALLY BIG Photoetch Sets are designed to highten the fabulous detail Tamiya has engineered into the Enzo kit and compliments both our Exterior Carbon Fiber Template Set and Interior Carbon Fiber Template Set.

Every model builder's collection needs to have a centerpiece and, if you have been looking for one, I can guarantee you this is it. Regardless of what color you choose to build your carbon fiber Enzo, our templates will make it easy for you to create a centerpiece for your automotive collection.

At Scale Motorsport, accuracy and research go hand-in-hand, and you can't have one without the other, so we also have an Enzo Up Close & Mechanical Photographic Research CD; the perfect research tool to guide you through getting the details right.

To get a full dose of inspiration, check out the July 2013 issue of Tamiya Model Magazine to get the full story of Dave's remarkable Blue Velvet build.

Without a doubt this is the most complex and exciting livery art we have ever had the opportunity to re-create. The good news is we "nailed it" because we had an entire day to spend with the actual car courtesy of Porsche of Delaware. We took over 200 high detail photos of every square inch of the body. 23 drivers from 11 different countries, it doesn't get more international than that! Our Flying Lizard decal set comes with liveries for both the #80 and #81 cars so you can build both! The bad news is … this is the last "Troy Lee Designs" for Flying Lizard, you'll never ever see another livery like this again so get it while supplies last. Just like our 2007 Flying Lizard Livery (SMS 2021) this set is designed to fit the Fujimi Porsche 911 GT3R (Fujimi sku#: 123905)

This livery faithfully replicates the #80 Flying Lizard car of 2007 and is designed to fit the Fujimi 911 GT3. Our set includes two full sheets measuring 4-7/8" x 7-1/2" and is printed with 18 separate colors and a clear coat. Also included is a third "quarter sheet" of tru chrome details. This is the very best graphic representation of what could quite be the best looking 911 ever created!

Place your reservation now for this livery. Once we are sold out, there will not be another production run. Orders should start shipping by 1 May 2012 - your credit card will not be charged until the order is shipped.

Three gauges and plenty of colors!

  1. Light-Weight is available in Yellow, Black and Stainless Steel. Great for all 1:43rd scale details.
  2. Medium-Weight is available in Dark Blue, Red, Yellow, Black and Tri-Color Twisted. Great for all 1:24th and 1:25th scale details.
  3. Heavy-Weight is available in Yellow, White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red and Orange. Perfect for all 1:12th scale details.

Each color is sold separately in 3 foot packs. Sample packs contain 1 foot of most colors. Visit our Other Neat Stuff section to see the complete line.

Here they are: our really, Really, REALLY Big Photoetch Sets. They are so big, we can barely fit the information on our web site!

For many builders, the 312T represents the icon of Tamiya's 1:12th scale efforts and I couldn't agree more! However, for me, it also represents the very first Tamiya model I ever built - back in 1976!

My building skills have improved a bit over the past 35 years and when it came time to build this kit again, I wanted to add details that weren't available back in 1976. So I went searching for more stuff and was surprised that I couldn't find anything!

I never built the Wolf, so I needed to add that build to my repertoire; I also found that there was nothing to enhance my efforts. In light of the aftermarket deficiencies, Scale Motorsport has added a new product category to our extensive line of builders details and tools...really, Really, REALLY Big Photoetch Sets.

Fret sizes in our "Really Big" Photoetch Series measures 3-7/8" x 8-1/2" (98.4mm x 215.9mm). So large, we had to develop all new packaging to safely protect each fret!


Finally a quality photoetch set designed to work with Tamiya's fabulous F60 Ferrari builders kit. Our set compliments all the details Tamiya provides with no part duplication so you don't waste your money, all you get are the extra details that will fully enhance your build. Also check out the companion Carbon Fiber Template Set ... check'em out!

Starting out with Tamiya's 1:20th scale Williams FW24B and adding Scale Motorsport's Williams Super Detail Kit Russ had a fabulous time creating this wonderful build ... check it out!

Our Grabit StiX, Polishing StiX and Scriber & Saw Blades have been big sellers for us over the years and we wanted to give more people a chance to try them out. So we put together a "ToolBoX" that combines samples of all three items at a reduced retail price ... check'em out!

23 Fabulous Modeling Tools in one handy re-usable case

One of the amazing details in the FXX Super Detail Kit is the revolutionary "Clear" Carbon Fiber Decals we developed exclusively with Cartograf. We received so many requests to make available the same type of clear carbon fiber decal in a single sheet, that we now have it in stock!

By "Clear" we actually mean "clear." All you need to do is paint the surface of your model, whatever carbon fiber color you want it to be, lay over our "clear carbon fiber decal," and voila you have a carbon fiber finish in any color you choose. Fabulous for Tuners! Order yours today!

Whether you are a beginner interested in learning the basics of carbon fiber decaling or fancy yourself an advanced artisan, there is something in the video for everyone. From tools to techniques, to proper surface preparation, to making your own templates. Shot in Hi-Def by the boys at Space City Films, you will find all the tricks you need to either get started or advance your skills. Presented by Matthew Wells, Owner Scale Motorsport.

For those of you that can remember as far back as 2001, Scale Motorsport and Tamiya collaborated on a Porsche 956 Builders' Kit. Now with Tamiya's re-release of the original Canon kit and new release of the Kenwood Porsche 956 kit, Scale Motorsport has put together a fabulous package containing the original Up Close & Mechanical Photo CD from the collaborative builders' kit and an updated photoetch fret combo that will get your wheels spinning! Don't attempt to build any of the Tamiya Porche 956 kits without this this combo set.

Hot Items

BBV Decals
Designed specifically for our Corvette C6R Builders Kit, this two sheet set will give you plenty of hours of building pleasure and years of sightseeing satisfaction.

ShowTime Display Stands
Display your build at home or on the contest tables. These stands fit all 1:24 and 1:20 scale builds.

Faux Fabrix Textured Spray Paint
Now available in Red and Black! Create that perfect textured finish for convertable tops seat covers & more!

Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe Desktop Background
Photographed by Doug Whyte at the NNL East 2008, our desktop backgrounds are free for you to download. Just click through and you can enjoy the build by the boys at Bosco’s Garage.

"Build Something" Slogan Hats
Say it loud, wear it proud! Our fabulous hats are now in stock!

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