Camouflage Decals

Every car you’ve ever built started life out under a camouflage disguise so why not build some of your favorites as camouflage. Made with the same heat shrink capability as all our other decals, you can literally wrap the entire body in a full Camo Jacket. And just like our Upholstery Pattern Decals, all our Camo patterns are available with clear decal film so whatever color you paint the body, that color shows through becoming part of the pattern. The same car painted a different color will look totally different even when using the same camouflage decal.

Safety and speed are two primary goals of every race car engineer. Carbon fiber provides an extremely strong, lightweight yet brittle energy absorbing material that holds up under the stresses of high speed race conditions. No longer used just for Formula One you will find carbon fiber materials used in all types of race cars including LeMans, GT, DTM, Rally, Pro Stock and Top Fuel dragsters. You can even see carbon fiber components on many modern day street cars! Scale Motorsport has been faithfully replicating the colors, patterns and visual nuances found in all modern carbon fiber technology since 1996. We use metallic inks and extremely thin decal material designed to conform to any compound surface. We recommend using our DECAL-MAGIC setting solution, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.