So . . . What's New?

What's new might be obvious to returning customers. But digging deeper reveals our new Ford GT Super Detail Kit and the Wynn's/Keating Le Mans Livery Decal Sheet. We are also proud to announce our association with Splash Paints, Zero Paints AND we are now MOBILE READY! About the only thing that's not new is our commitment to providing model builders with great products and customer service that further enhances your "Joy of Building". 
Now . . . go "BUILD SOMETHING!"

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About Scale Motorsport

Scale Motorsport is to model cars as AMG is to Mercedes or RUF is to Porsche, we don’t make the model kits you build, we make the model kits you build better by creating products that allow you to further enhance or customize the details that make your build unique and enhance your Joy of Building. That’s why our motto has always been to “BUILD SOMETHING!”