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Tyrrell 003 Monaco GP 1:12th Scale PE Set Sku#: 8090

Sku#: 8090
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Sku#: 8090

Designed for: Tamiya  #: 12054

Material: Stainless Steel

Description: The Tyrrell 003 has scored the most Grand Prix wins in Formula One history. Designed to further enhance the fabulous Tamiya 1:12th scale kit #: 12054

When Ken Tyrrell, the team's owner, was disenchanted with the poor performance of March chassis during the 1970 season, he decided he would design and build his own car. He employed Derek Gardner to design it in secret at his own house.[1] The project, codenamed "SP" which meant "Special Project" cost Tyrrell over £22,000 of his own money. The resulting car named Tyrrell 001 made its debut at Oulton Park at a non-championship race.

After the season had finished Gardner redesigned some sections of the car, altering the air-box, remodeling the nose section, lengthening the wheelbase and slightly narrowing the monocoque. The redesigned car became known as the 002 and 003, which were chassis numbers given to each of the cars made for the 1971 season. The team also switched tyre supplier to Goodyear after Dunlop withdrew from F1. Competition[edit] Driven by Jackie Stewart, it debuted at the 1971 Spanish Grand Prix and won at the first attempt. Tyrrell and Jackie Stewart took advantage as Lotus and Ferrari struggled during 1971; they won six races with Stewart claiming his second World Championship. Stewart and team mate François Cevert used different chassis throughout both 1971 and 1972, with Stewart having exclusive use of 003 and Cevert competing with the Tyrrell 002. The 1972 season saw Lotus back on form with Emerson Fittipaldi challenging Stewart for the championship. 003 was not a match for the developed Lotus 72 and the Tyrrell team only won when the 72 failed to finish. Fittipaldi won the title that season by a comfortable margin. Despite scoring two wins with Stewart during 1972 (he also won two races with the new 005), the 003 had come to the end of its racing life. Tyrrell 003 remains the Tyrrell team's most successful chassis. It is also the individual chassis that has scored the most Grand Prix wins in Formula One historyDesigned to further enhance the fabulous Tamiya 1:12th scale kit #: 12054

Builder's Tip: Always use a 'non-fogging' CA glue when working with photoetch

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David MacPhee
Lots of great parts, always fit right.

This is my second kit. I’m currently working on a wolf wr1 from a previous order some time ago. It’s just a wonderful product.

Mitch Hodgkins
Tyrell 003 Monaco GP Photo-etch Set

Awesome photo-etch set! Top quality, I am still working on the project but this set adds a tremendous amount of detail to my kit. I highly recommend this!

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