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I like to think Scale Motorsport actually started when my father first introduced me to building models, back in the early 1950's. Back then we used cardboard to fashion the wings and fuselage's of airplanes. Thanks to Revellby the late 50's injection molded plastic made its way into the hobby and a whole new world opened up.


I was so fascinated with creating models I went to college and got a degree in Industrial Design, during which time I continued to build more models.


The more I built the better my gskills got and most of what I was building was from "scratch", meaning the models I built were of producs I was designing and or marketing for other companies. Until one day in 1975 I found myself in a hobby store where I came across my first Tamiya model kit, it was their Ferrari 312T in 1:12th scale. I thought my eyes were deceiving me so I had to buy it, it was $29.95! My eyes did not deceive me, the kit was even better than I could imagine. My next Tamiya model was the Lotus 498!


After a series of life changing decisions that took me away from model building for a number of years I found myself standing in a Barnes & Nobel Bookstore glancing at the magazine section where I came across an issue of Scale Auto Enthusiast that had an advertisement for a model car show just a two hour drive from home.

So I drove to Taunton, MA to attend my first Mass Car Model Car Contest, what a treat it was. I was surrounded by hundreds of other model car builders who loved building the same or similar subjects I did. And many vendors sellling kits, paint and tools. So I decided to build a car for next year's show and enter it in the contest. I built a Tamiya Mazda 7878 Renown. I thought it looked fabulous... the judges didn't!

When I asked why I didn't do better (4th place!) one judge pointed out that many of the details on my model should have been detailed as "carbonfiber". Not knowing what carbonfiber was I set out on a 2 year research jouney. When I couldn't find the eact carbon fiber patterns I needed in a waterslide decal I decided to make my own.

The following year I entered the same contest and won! After which many other builders asked me where I got my carbon fiber decals from. Upon answering aquestions all day I realized I might be onto something.

I established Scale Motorsp[ort in 1996 and shipped our fist order in September 1997. I quickly realized I got as much joy helping other builders achieve their building dreams.

We've been developing industriey leading products now for over 25 years, all designed to enhance your ...

... Joy of Building!