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Our Guarentee To You

I started Scale Motorsport in 1996 out of a lifetime passion for building models and wanted to share that joy of building with others.

Like many other builders I’ve bought a lot stuff over the decades some good, some not so good. I know what it feels like to receive an inferior product or forced to interpret a lousey set of instructions or experience terrible customer service.

I also know that feeling when you get a product that helps you fulfill the vision you have for the model you’re building or planning to build . . . we’ve all got a stash of unbuilt kits, decals, tools and ideas lined up for the next few years to come.
99% of the products Scale Motorsport sells were created and developed by people who, at their core are model builders, even the people that package our inventory and fill your orders, we are all model builders and their collective experiences in model building get packaged up with every order they ship.

The model car aftermarket is an easy business to get started in, but like any other business it takes dedication and commitment to keep it productive, profitable and growing for over 20 years. Its that level of commitment that’s part of everything we do for the model building community. We belong to many model building clubs, attend model building shows around the world annually (when there isn’t a pandemic!)

If you receive a Scale Motorsport product, regardless from who you purchased it from, either directly over our website or from one of our worldwide dealers and it doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations I want to hear from you about what we need to do to make the product better and or make your purchase whole.

Contact me by email: or call me direct: 516-830-0821 The phone number is my direct mobile number, it doesn’t ring when it sees a call coming in from a number not in its directory. So leave me a message and I will call back.