Photoetch Plus!
Along with our extensive line of photoetch products we have matching
Carbon Fiber Template Sets displayed alongside each photoetch set. 
Now you'll be able to quickly see the appropriate "Companion Product"
without having to search around.

The Difference between Scale Motorsport Photoetch and All The Others
There are a lot of photoetch products available to model builders today
and the differences between one photoetch set from one company can be
drastically different than from another company, even when the sets are for
the same model subject.

Details Make The Difference
1. The proper gauge metal for the scale of the model and detail required

2. There are two primary metals for photoetch: Nickel Silver and Stainless
Steel each have their benefits and drawbacks

3. Engineering the artwork properly not only impacts the visual details but
also directly affects the ease of working with the photoetch set.

Scale Motorsport evaluates all those factors and a few more for every
photoetch set we create so you get the best quality and value for your
build that further enhances your Joy of Building.