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Faux Fabrix Textured Spray Paint Sku#: 5502

Sku#: 5502
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Sku#: 5502

Faux Fabrix Textured Spray Paint allows you to create a realistic, soft, fabric-like finish for:

- upholstered seats
- tonneau covers
- convertible tops 
- trunk chassis 
- engine bay insulation . . . and how about those Ferrari valve covers . . . stunning!

No more hassle with white glue and messy flocking. Faux Fabrix is a one-step process.  All you need is a clean dry surface and two or three mist coats, no undercoat is needed, re-coat in seconds.

You can even paint over the Faux Fabrix paint if you need to achieve a certain colored finish. In order to paint over Faux Fabrix, make sure the paint you are covering the Faux Fabrix with is enamel or water based. DO NOT use any lacquer based paints, lacquer is too hot and could melt the Faux Fabrix texture underneath. One other note, make sure the Faux Fabrix Textured Spray Paint has completely dried and cured, not just dry to the touch.

A perfect compliment to Scale Motorsport's Upholstery Pattern Decals

Postal regulations requires Faux Fabrix to ship by way of UPS Ground to a business or residential street address, we cannot ship Faux Fabrix to a PO Box. Nor are we allowed to ship this product outside the continental United States. If your ship to address is outside the USA and you place an order for this product you will be refunded the total amount, less $0.50 USA to cover the processing fees we are charged for refunds.

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