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Ferrari 312T 1:12th Scale Photoetch Set Sku#: 8070

Sku#: 8070

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Sku#: 8070

Designed for: 
Tamiya Ferrari 312T #: 12034

Stainless Steel

This detail set contains four REALLY, REALLY BIG photoetch frets with hundreds of details
 designed for the fabulous Tamiya Ferrari 312T in 1:12th scale. Abbreviated parts listing: - Rear Wing Mounting Plate - Cockpit Floor - Cockpit Floor Fire Extinguisher - Chassis Outer Plates - Center Undertray - Front Wing Mounting Plates - Rear Wing Stays - Rear Wing Stay Nuts - Front Wing End Plates - Reverse Lockouts - Shift Plate - Dash Brackets - Dash Face - Left Side Cockpit - Right Side Cockpit - Pedal Housing - Chassis Outer Side - Radiator Mount Cover - Clutch Pedal Face - Cockpit Floor Seat Mount - Right Fuel Filler Plate - Under-tray Details - Right Side Under-tray - Left Side Under-tray - Rear Wheel Stopper - Front Firewall - Nuts - Left Fuel Filler Plate - Chassis Top Details - Mirror Faces - Upper Back Cockpit Floor - Harness Hardware - Front Wing Mounts Fret sizes in our "Really Big" Photoetch Series measures 3-7/8" x 8-1/2" (98.4mm x 215.9mm). So large, we had to develop all new packaging to safely protect each fret! Price for Photoetch only. Plastic model kit not included.

Builder's Tip: 
Always use a 'non-fogging' CA glue when working with photoetch

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