Ferrari F60 F1 CFT Set Sku#: 7060

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Sku#: 7060
Designed for:
Tamiya’s F60 builders kit Tamiya sku#: 20059
A two sheet set made from our Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Black on Dark Pewter and a sheet of our Plain Weave Bronze on Black in 1:20th and 1:24th respectively. The set contains 26 total separate template patterns sized to marry to their correspondingly numbered Tamiya plastic kit parts.
Companion Product: 
Scale Motorsport's Ferrari F60 Formula 1 Photoetch Set Sku#: 8060
Builders' Tip:
We recommend using 
Scale Motorsport's Decal-Magic Setting Solution or Microscle's Micro-Set Setting Solution. Price for three sheet template set only, plastic model kit not included.