MB SLR McLaren Full Carbon Jacket Sku#: 7000

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Sku#: 7000
Designed for:
Tamiya SLR McLaren Builders' Kit sku#: 24290

Mercedes SLR McLaren "Full Carbon Jacket" Composite Fiber Template Set will make your build really stand out above all others. "Full Carbon Jacket" means the complete exterior body panels "sheathed" in carbon fiber. A fabulous presentation for an equally fabulous builders' kit. Set contains 3 sheets of our 1020 Carbon Fiber Black on Metallic Silver Twill Weave Pattern. Template shapes have been book matched for an absolutely stunning presentation. 

Builder's Tip:
As with all our composite decals we recommend using Scale Motorsport's 
Decal-Magic Setting Solution or Microscale's Micro-Set Softening solution.

Price for five sheet template set only, plastic model kit not included.