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Porsche 911 GT-1 EVO Le Mans Full Carbon Jacket Sku#: 7117

Two Sheet FCJ© Template Set - Designed for Revell #: 85-2548
Sku#: 7117
In stock, ready to ship, start your building now! Available in 1:12th scale CLEAR or 1:20th Pewter Metallic

Sku#: 7117

Designed for:
The Porsche 911 GT-1 EVO Full Carbon Jacket Decal Set is designed for the Revell sku#: 85-2548

Contains two sheets of Scale Motorsport's fabulous carbon fiber decals. Each sheet is loaded with template patterns printed on the reverse side of the decals perfectly matched to corresponding Revell kit parts.

Builders' Tip:
As with all our composite decals we recommend using Scale Motorsport's 
Decal-Magic Setting Solution or Microscale's Micro-Set Softening solution. 
Price for five sheet template set only, plastic model kit not included.

Make sure to use Scale Motorsport's "Decal-Magic" for the perfect decal setting solution!

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