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Frequently Asked Questions

The top five questions we've been asked since 1997.
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Question #1 What scale pattern should be used on a 1:24th scale build?
Answer #1

Actually, you can use all scale patterns on a 1:24th scale build as well as on a 1:20th and 1:12th scale build. All race cars and street machines use a wide variety of patterns and sizes throughout a vhicle. Generally larger patterns will be used on larger components such as chassis and body parts with smaller patterns used on engine and cockpit details.

Question #2 What's the best softening solution to use on Scale Motorport decals?
Answer #2

Scale Motorsport's Decal-Magic is the only decal softener on the market today that is environmentally friendly, chemical free and bio-degradable. No other decal softener can make the same claim, they all use heavy chemical laddened solutions because those solutions were developed decades ago before decal printers, worldwide, were required to use environmentally safe printing inks. Decal-Magic used on any decal will provide chemical free contour control for any complex curved surface.

Question #3 What clear coat is best to use on Scale Motorsport decals?
Answer #3

The best clear coat would be a water-bassed lacquer, you can use a chemical based lacquer but each application needs to be light mist coats. If you can find "Future Floor Wax" this is also good because you only need water to thin it for airbrushes.

Question #4 How long do Scale Motorsport decals last?
Answer #4

The life of any decal is totally dependent on how well and where the decal is stored. The best place to store a decal is in a low humidity environment, meaning the dryest place possible. To improve its longevity, place the decal between 2 sheets of wax paper inserted into the page of a heavy book. The weight of the book will also help to keep the decal flat, preventing it from curling over long periods of time. Scale Motorsport has the perfect place to store your decals with our Decal Vault.

Question #5 What is the best glue to use on Scale Motorsport's photoetch?
Answer #5

We recommend the use of any "non-fogging" CA glue on all of our photoetch products. You can also use laquer based clear coats for small parts and clear plastic.