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Ferrari F60 Formula 1 Photoetch Set Sku#: 8060

Sku#: 8060
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Sku#: 8060

Ferrari F60 Formula 1 Photoetch Set for Tamiya kit#: 20059

Nickel Silver or Stainless Steel

Cockpit Bulkhead (no Mod) - Cockpit Bulkhead - Radiator Frame - Monocoque Panel - Monocoque Panel Lip - Mirror Face - Fluid Reservoir Bands - Suspension Mount Plate - Front Wing Brace Plate - Front Wing Plate - Dry Break Detail - Body Rivets - Hub Details - Dry Break - Exhaust Shield - Steering Wheel Details - Nose Bulkhead

Product Companion: 
Scale Motorsport's #: 7060 Carbon Fiber Template Set

Builder's Tip: 
Always use a 'Non-Fogging CA Glue when working with any type 
of photoetch product

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