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Team Honda Pons RC211V 03' Photoetch Set

Two Sheet CF Template Set - Designed for Tamiya #: 14095
Sku#: 4235
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Sku#: 4235

Designed for:
Tamiya #: 14095

Nickel Silver or Stainless Steel & Rubber Backed

Honda RC211V ‘03 Valentino Rossi again showed his supremacy in 2003 MotoGP Championship by winning 9 victories out of 16 races while scoring podium finishes in all 16 races. This fabulous looking bike is the result of a contest challenge put out by a Spanish motorcycle magazine to all its readers and Rossi was the judge! Along with a special exhaust set up this bike was memorable for more reasons than one, for it was the last time Rossi rode for Honda moving over in 2004 to Team Yamaha. Our Photoetch set provides more details than you will probably ever need but the “extra stuff” you build into your version will bring you closer to Rossi’s legendary Valencia ride! 

Front Disc Details - Rear Disc Details - Large Nuts - Large Sprocket - Large Nut Details - Fairing Mesh - Rear Disc Vent - Exhaust Clamp - Dzus Fasteners - Large Sprocket Details - Front Disc Details- Back - Clutch Plate - Rear Disc - Wheel Weights - Chain - Handlebar Logo - Valve Cover Logo - Small Sprocket - Small Sprocket Details Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR Scale Motorsport #: 4240 Mates with Scale Motorsport #: 7240 Designed for Tamiya #: 14109 Materials: Nickel Silver (or Stainless Steel) - Outer Rear Chain Sprocket - Front Brake Disc - Right Side Engine Detail - Radiator Face - Cowl Fasteners - Clutch Details - Left Side Engine Details - Right Side Chain Adjuster - Rear Chain Sprocket - Front Rotor Support - Hose Clamp - Front Rotor Details - Display Panel Knob - Display Panel Lights

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Builder's Tip: 
Always use a "non-fogging" CA glue when working with photoetch

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