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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR Photoetch Set

Sku#: 4240
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Sku#: 4240

Designed for:
Tamiya #: 14109

Stainless Steel

Description: Outer Rear Chain Sprocket - Front Brake Disc - Right Side Engine Detail - Radiator Face - Cowl Fasteners - Clutch Details - Left Side Engine Details - Right Side Chain Adjustor - Rear Chain Sprocket - Front Rotor Support - Hose Clamp - Front Rotor Details - Display Panel Knob - Display Panel Lights - Valve Cover Details - Chain - Radiator Support Washers - Radiator Support Clips - Radiator Support Nuts - Handlebar Nuts - Radiator Cap - Outer Front Sprocket Detail - Inner Front Sprocket Detail - Seat Bolt Cap - Rear Sprocket - Large Sprocket Washer - Racing Stand Wheel Inserts - Clutch Detail - Rear Brake Disc - Front Brake Disc Support - Gas Cap Outer Ring - Rear Brake Support

Companion Product:
Scale Motorsports Carbon Fiber Template Set #: 7240

Builder's Tip: 
Always use a "non-fogging" CA glue when working with photoetch

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