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Part Time Order/Inventory Clerk Position

Scale Motorsport is a small business in the Toy/Hobby Industry. We design and market products for people that build models. The best description is "Scale Motorsport is to model building as AMG is to Mercedes or Ruf is Porsche", our company motto is “BUILD SOMETHING!”.

Now after 23 years in business we have moved our operations to Shelter Island, New York and looking for a part time Inventory/Order Processing Clerk. Most of your work will be packaging products into our retail packaging to maintain inventory levels, pull and pack customer orders and process postage. Candidate must be comfortable working in a clean, fun, well designed, cross-functional environment, be fastidious and detailed oriented, able to do repetitive packaging activities with the ability to work with small, delicate parts requiring a high degree of dexterity. A basic knowledge of computer skills is important.

An understanding of and appreciation for the craft of building models is helpful. Enrollment in or a high school education is a minimum requirement.

"Part time" means two days a week 5 to 6 hours a day, you can even take some of the work home if you want. The job pays $15.00 an hour. and is ready to fill now!

If interested please email me directly:
Or simply fill out the form below and send it in. I will look forward to hearing from you soon.