Enzo 1:12th Scale Full Carbon Jacket Sku#: 7085

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Sku#: 7085
Designed for
Tamiya's 1:12th scale Enzo Ferrari sku#: 12047

The 7085 decal template set is the exact same set as our #7087 except for one important difference. All the decal sheets in the 7085 set are CLEAR carbon fiber weave, this allows you to create a carbon fiber finish in any color you want! Just paint the plastic parts whatever color you want your carbon fiber finish to be and the CLEAR carbon fiber decals allow that color to show through the carbon fiber pattern. Just take a look at the fabulous French Blue Metallic Carbon Fiber Enzo on our website, that colored carbon fiber finish was achieved by first painting the surface the blue metallic, than laying down the #7085 template set. Nine complete sheets of CLEAR Carbon Twill Weave decal sheets with illustrated application instructions.
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Builders' Tip
As with all our composite decals we recommend using Scale Motorsport's Decal-Magic Setting Solution or Microscale's Micro-Set Softening solution. Price for five sheet template set only, plastic model kit not included.