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Hi-Def Weave Series 1500

Series #1500
1500: 1:12th
Size: 4.78" x 7.5"
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  • Grey, Dark Grey Metallic Over Black
  • Overall Size 4-7/8” x 7-1/4”(12cm x 18cm)
  • Most Commonly Used Pattern on All Cars
  • Instructions Included
  • Award Winning Pattern
  • Skill Level: 2 out of 5

We only recommend using Scale Motorsport’s Decal-Magic or Micro-Set Setting Solutions

Hi-Def Weave Carbon Fiber Waterslide Decal

Builders’ Tip:

Scale Motorsport’s Decal-Magic with “Contour Control” is the only setting solution that’s chemical free, biodegradable and environmentally safe!

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Customer Reviews

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Paolo Sartori
Item is not arrived yet

The situation is the same as last time. I didn’t receive anything at the moment

As I mentioned to you several weeks ago, we processed, packed and shipped your order within 3 hours of receiving it. Your order was shipped out by way of USPS International and provided you with the tracking number. We also mentioned that it can take several weeks for delivery to an EU country, yours being Italy. Upon researching the tracking number we can see your order arrived in Italy's postal system over a week ago. Once the order arrives in the desitnation country we have no control over the delivery schedule, this is now in the hands of the Italian postal system, there is nothing we can do, if you need further information regarding delivery, you need to contact the Italian Postal System with the tracking number we gave you. If your order does not arrive after 12 August (8 weeks from date of shipment) we will provide a full refund. Giving us a poor star rating of '1' for a problem your postal system has created is uncalled for and unfair. If you are that interested in clearing up the problem take the tracking number to your postal service. We ship orders to Italy almost everyday, some arrive quickly while others can take more time, but they always arrive, again, please be patient.

Robert Blum
Great- as per usual…

Another stellar product. Been building for 40 years and the whole range have to be some of the finest decals I have ever used.

Thanks Robert for your feedback, it's very meaningful to me personally. All the best

justin nash

Hi-Def Weave Series 1500

Todd Beedy

Hi-Def Weave Series 1500