Carbon Fiber Twill Weave Decal Series 1000

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Pewter Metallic on Black

Weave Size Recommandations

Generally speaking the larger the component part, the larger the weave pattern should be. This means one car would use a variety of pattern sizes and weave patterns. And the best size pattern to use on your next build should what looks best visually, meaning a 1:20th scale build could use a 1:12th and 1:24th scale pattern(s) throughout your car.

The Weave That Started it All

in Formula 1 on John Bernard’s McLaren MP4 back in the late 1970’s. Often referred to as “Twill Weave”, this is probably the most widely used pattern in all of motorsports both on the track and public roads. You can also find this same pattern with a Bronze color base SMS Series# 1100.Color is determined by two factors: 1. The resin used in forming parts and panels 2. Time, meaning you will find carbon fiber panel colors can change over time due to age and environmental conditions such as heat as well as a teams ability to replace older parts.